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Use Ctrl+Enter to Auto Complete URL

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It’s always such a hassle to type in the http://, www. and the .com whenever we want to visit a certain web site.

But do you know on modern browsers, such as IE7 and Firefox, hitting Ctrl + Enter will automatically fill in the www. and the .com part of the URL.

Here's your shortcut method.

Just type ‘google’ in your address bar.

Now hit Ctrl + Enter together and it’ll automatically fill up the http://, www and .com.

You’ve saved yourself 15 keystrokes =)

There’s also shortcut key for auto complete for other domains.

-Ctrl + Enter - Auto-complete .com address
-Shift + Enter - Auto-complete .net address
-Ctrl + Shift + Enter - Auto-complete .org address

If you add Alt to any of those key combinations, it will auto-complete and open the new address in a new tab as well.

For instance, Alt+Ctrl+Enter will auto-complete a .com address in a new tab.

Additional Information:

Ctrl+Enter might seem useful for auto complete in Explorer or Firefox, but not for Microsoft Outlook, especially Outlook 2000/2003/XP.

In Microsoft Outlook, Ctrl+Enter isn’t for auto complete but for ‘Send’ function.

Imagine when you’re composing an important email when you’ve suddenly hit Ctrl+Enter instead of Ctrl+V when you hope to paste some information.
The mail will be immediately sent out.

It’s always a good habit to only add recipients only after you’ve composed the mail to avoid such mistake.

In Outlook 2000/2003/XP, to disable Ctrl+Enter Sending function requires some tweaking of registry.

In Outlook 2007, this function can be disable from Outlook settings without having to tweak the registry.
(If anyone is interested to know, do leave a comment and I’ll post steps on how disable this function and tweaking of registry)

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