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As I previously reviewed on Smorty, nowadays there's more and more Pay Per Post Company appearing.

For us blogger, of cause it means more opportunity to earn an extra bucks =)

But there's so many company out there, which is the best?

Personally, I don't think there's such thing as best PPP company.

In fact, it really depends on yourself, and most importantly your luck.

If you do a search for the review for some of these PPP company, some might make negative comment about it, while some might love it.

So it's for you to try and find out.

Recently I come across this PPP company which I find it pretty interesting.

From the reviews and information I found, this company actually sends you opportunity through email instead of you logging in to grab.

Blogvertise is the company.

Of cause, I still awaiting for approval, so I can't really comment about it in detail.

So the following information is from what I find out and read.

Normally when you take up any opportunity or review, you might noticed that rarely any advertiser will request for negative comment and in fact they requested for positive ones only.

But this does not apple to Blogvertise, they pay you for any honest review.
Yes, even it's a negative review.

From what I think, if Blogvertise is willing to pay even for honest negative review, doesn't it means they are confident about their advertiser product or service quality?

Isn't it easier to review something good and introduce it to your visitor rather than cracking your brain thinking what good stuff you can write about it?

From this point alone, I think Blogvertise is worth a try.

So anyone out there had tried it before? Any comments on it?

Or any valuable information to share about Blogvertise?

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Exchange Link with Computer TNT

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Year 2008 is coming soon!

And to mark an end to year 2007 where Computer TNT started off, I hope to exchange link with all my friends out there whom I haven't request from.

I hope to 'grow' my blogroll as much as possible =)

Simply add Computer TNT to your blog/site and drop me a comment in this post.

Remember to include the anchor text and the link you want to exchange!

So do help me 'grow' my blogroll, thanks!

And as a gift to everyone out there, here's some interesting 'Blog Bumper Sticker' which you can put on your blog side bar.

StarCraft Lover?

Mac Lover?

Matrix Lover?

Blogging Fun?

Special Character?

28 Weeks Later?

Coffee Lover Like Me?

Happy New Year in Advance!


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Speed Up Your Vista

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Is your new Windows Visa PC already slowing down?

Are you tired of frequent system freezes and errors?

If yes, then before you seek any external help, there are some simple tasks that you can perform to not only speed up your computer, but also ensure that it stays at an optimal performance level for a long time.

Here's 3 PC maintenance activities that will enable you to achieve this goal.
Clean the Windows Registry
Just like the older Windows versions, Windows Vista is also controlled and managed through the Windows Vista registry.

And if your registry is damaged and full of errors, it will directly affect the performance of your PC.

So, your first step toward optimizing your PC would be to clean up the registry and free it from all errors.

Registry errors are usually caused by an accumulation of junk data in the form of outdated, incorrect, and invalid entries.
Therefore, in order to clean the Windows Vista registry, you will have to perform a thorough scan of the registry and weed out all of this unwanted information within it.

You can perform the task easily using Windows Vista registry cleaner tools.

These tools are designed in such a way that anybody can use them to scan and repair registry errors on their system.

Registry cleaners also enable you to defrag and backup the registry, which makes them quite handy to ensure overall maintenance of your registry and enable you to improve the performance of your computer.

Instant-Registry-Fixes.org is the place where you can find all your Windows Registry needs, from articles to free online scanning and downloads.

Clean Malware

Malware programs include many malicious programs such as virus, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware.

These programs copy many infected files and malicious codes to your system and alter the way applications work on your system.

They add malicious entries in the registry and modify current registry entries and prevent your system from working normally.

Spyware programs steal your personal and confidential information and send it to external sources for malicious use.
To prevent your system from threats posed by different types of malware programs, you need two very important tools, an antivirus tool and an antispyware tool.

You must use these tools regularly to perform a full scan of your system to ensure that your system is free from malware infections.
Additionally, you must keep your antivirus and antispyware tools updated with the latest virus definitions released by their manufacturers, to ensure that your system is protected against the latest malware.

Ad-Aware @ Lava Soft is an effective antispyware or spyware removal program for Windows.

Clean the Hard Disk

All information on your PC is stored on the hard disk.

Therefore, when trying to increase the speed of your PC, it is important for you to clean up your hard disk.
Your Windows Vista system includes two tools, the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter tools, that you can use to clean up and optimize the hard disk.

You can access both of these options by navigating through Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.

The Disk Cleanup utility enables you to perform several hard disk clean up activities, such as empty Recycle Bin, clean cookies, uninstall programs and Windows components, delete system restore snapshots, and remove unwanted files from the computer.
After you have cleaned the disk using the Disk Cleanup tool, run the Disk Defragmenter from System Tools.

This tool helps you consolidate the fragmented files on your hard disk and optimize its performance.
In Windows Vista, you can schedule the Disk Defragmenter to run at regular intervals.

You can use this option to setup the tool to defrag your hard disk periodically, and as a result, speed up the performance of your PC.

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