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Firefox Extensions For Productivity

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Many people favors Firefox over Internet Explorer, including myself. One of the most advantage of Firefox over Internet Explorer is it's tons of extensions that enhance the functionality of the browser.

There's over 1500 extensions and still growing in numbers everyday. Many of them can actually be used to improve your productivity.

The following is my favorite Firefox extensions that will helped in streamline your daily work flow, and improve your productivity.
Hope it's useful :)

Customize Google

Customize Google is a very useful extension that lets you customize many features of the services provided by Google. Customize Google allows you block advertisements on pretty much any Google page (including Gmail).
It's also able to improve Google Images search results to point directly at the image without clicking through the original site.
You'll also be able to connect Google Calendar and Gmail securely through Customize Google


Gspace, content management extension that lets you turn your Gmail account into an online mass storage device. It turns the 2GB of your Gmail account into a free online storage, and even better it allows you to manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple interface.
Gspace integrates nicely into your browser and lets you drag and drop files into Gmail for backup or storage purposes without interrupting your work flow.
For a more enhance experience, I recommend adding a tag in Gmail to your files so they can be filtered and accessed quickly.
Gspace even allows you to isten to your favorite music and view your collections of pictures directly from Gmail.
Download Gspace now and enjoy the experience of transfering files between your computer and Gmail at anytime, anywhere.


The default download manager built into Firefox is certainly handly and more useful comparing to Internet Explorer. But nothing's perfect and it still can be better!
This is where FlashGot comes in handy. The FlashGot have provides finer-grained control of your downloads and is also able to work hand-in-hand with your FlashGet, a download accelerator software.


Advertisements are irritating, and worst nowadays some advertisment are written using flash which increases page load time.
Flashblock is the perfect solution against such advertisement as it blocks all flash component on a Web Site.
It replaces the flash from a Web site with a “play” button so you can watch the flash anytime you want (just like viewing video in Youtube) and leave it blocked if it is an advertisement.

Download Statusbar

Download Statusbar manages your downloads in the status bar instead of the Firefox Download Manager (the mini pop-up window).
Download manager tucks your download progress bars into the unused status bar. This allows you download care-freely without any Firefox Download Manager popping up and interrupting you.

IE Tab

It can be quite a hassle to open a separate Internet Explorer to view certain site correctly. But with IE Tab, now you can save the time to launch a separate browser just for the page.
Simply choose “View Page in IE tab” and an Internet Explorer tab opens in Firefox.

Here's my pick of Firefox Extensions for productivity and all these extension are provided directly by Mozilla so you can safely download them and use :)

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