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Google Basic Search

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I believe all of us had used Google before, typing in the keyword and hitting the search button hoping the information we need comes to us.

Sometimes, the result return just isn’t what we want and we are running out of keywords to search.

What can we do so Google understands what we want and get us the information we need?

The only way to make Google understand what you want is you must first understand Google =P
(Just like a relationship, you can’t just demand your girlfriend to understand you unless you understand her too)

By default, Google search uses ‘AND’; this means when you enter query words, Google will search for all of them.

Keyword: super mario brothers
Google understands it as ‘super AND mario AND brothers’ and will return results with Websites that contains all 3 words only.

'What if I want Website that contains either one of the keyword?'
Keyword: super OR mario OR brothers
Google will return results with Website that contain either ‘super’, ‘mario’ or ‘brothers’.

'What if I want to definitely have ‘super’ with either ‘mario’ or ‘brothers’ in the search result return?'
Keyword: super (mario OR brothers)
Google will return results with Website that contain either ‘super mario’, ‘super brothers’ or ‘super mario brothers’.

'I want to search for ‘super mario’ but result keep returning ‘super mario bros’.'
Keyword: super mario -bros
(A minus sign or dash will tell Google that the word ‘bros' must not appear in the result)
Google will return results with Websites that contain ‘super’ ‘mario’, but not the word ‘bros'.

My 2 cent worth:

Have you ever try the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button? Rather than giving you the list of results from which to choose, Google directly takes you to the top first result in the list a.k.a the most relevant page.
Entering ‘Yahoo’ and click ‘I’m Feeling Luck’ will takes you directly to http://www.yahoo.com/.

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