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As you all know Google Adsense recently had removed the 'Click-Able' area of the Advertisement.

I believe due to this quite a number of bloggers income have been affected.

So what can we do about it?

While I was wondering about this question and thinking about what can I do to really have a small income from my blogs, I came across a website using Advertlets.

My first impression is, 'Is this an Advertisement?'.

So I clicked on it and it directed me to Advertlets.com.

The thing that it surprised me is actually quite alot of Singaporean are using it. (I'm from Singapore)

What makes them signing up for Advertlets and how Advertlets do to attracts people?

If you too visit the site, you will notice a banner or advertisement 'We are giving SGD 8800 to 300 Bloggers!'.

Who doesn't get attracted when there's free money for grab?

Of cause I didn't sign up straight away, I surf around the site looking for more information and I search Google for any reviews for Adverlets.com.

The result I found is, quite a number of people didn't actually sign up for the free money give away.

If you compare Adverlets.com advertisement with other, actually the way they advertise isn't purely in text or picture.

They integrated Sponsored Poll into the advertisement.

In fact, they allow people to have the choice to show or hide the Poll.

Normally when you want to earn money with your blog, you will need to sign up with different of advertiser as different advertiser provides different type of advertisement method.

But Advertlets not only provides Advertisement, but you can even get paid for reviewing products on your blog.
For Singaporean and Malaysian, isn't it easier to review on your Local Product than Reviewing those Overseas brand that you might not even hear before?

For Singaporean, if you sign up before 30th Dec, you will be getting incentive as I mention before 8800 SGD for 300 Blogger.

Below are the information:

280 Reviews, SGD 25 each (blogs with more than 10 unique visits per day)
10 Reviews, SGD 60 each (blogs with more than 100 unique visits per day)
10 Reviews, SGD 128 each (blogs with more than 500 unique visits per day)

Just Simply sign up and give Advertlets a Review on your side and instantly you will be receiving the Incentive.
(As what I'm doing now =X)

The way they make payment is by Cheque and the Minimum payout is 100 bucks.

I believe majority of us holds a primary job and hoping to earn and extra income from our blogs while we blog about the things we like.

So why look further for other opportunity?

Personally I'm working towards my own Hosting and Domain so I'm still working hard for a small amount of stable income from my blog.

And of cause, blogging is about Passion, but why not earn with your Passion too =)

Even the world best system can have bugs, there's still a down side of Advertlets too.

Before I sign up I was trying to look for a testimonial section as to know the reviews of people who used this system from their site.

But I didn't managed to find any.
(Or there is but I missed it ><") So for those who wants to know abit more before they sign up, they might have to search Google like me for more review from a person who used this system.

Other than this, this is a highly recommended Advertiser for Bloggers especially from Singapore and Malaysia =)

Click here for the Link to Advertlets.com

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