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Auto Logon for Vista

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After posting 5 Windows XP Tricks, it's time for Windows Vista =)

As I've just Switched to Windows Vista recently, I'm still constantly looking out for new Tips and Tricks to share.

Here's one Windows Vista Trick I find useful for most of us out there.

Enable an auto Logon in Windows Vista

As you know, one of the many areas in which there are vast improvements in Windows Vista is Security.

Even so, if you're the only one who has access to your computer in your home, having to log on each time you turn on the computer, may seem like overkill.

Fortunately, you can configure Windows Vista to automatically Logon with your Account when you turn on your computer.

To do so, click the Start > Run > and type netplwiz in the text box and then press Enter.

You’ll then encounter a UAC or User Account Confirmation dialog box, Click Continue.

When you see the User Accounts Window, ensure that your Account is selected in the 'User for This Computer' list.

Next, clear the 'Users Must Enter A Username And Password To Use This Computer' check box and click OK.

You’ll then see the Automatically Logon dialog box prompting you to type your password twice.

Click OK after entering and restart your system.

When Windows Vista boots up, it will automatically log you in to your account.

My 2 cent worth:

Some of you may notice after you click 'Start' there's no 'Run' option. I'm using Home Edition so I'm not sure about other version, Home Edition disable 'Run' option by default and you need to enable it manually.

To enable 'Run' option, Right Click on your Taskbar and Select 'Properties'.

Select 'Start Menu' tab and Click on 'Customize'.

Look for 'Run Command' and Check the Check Box beside it.

Click 'OK' and your 'Run' option is enabled in your Start Menu.

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