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Exchange Link with Computer TNT

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Year 2008 is coming soon!

And to mark an end to year 2007 where Computer TNT started off, I hope to exchange link with all my friends out there whom I haven't request from.

I hope to 'grow' my blogroll as much as possible =)

Simply add Computer TNT to your blog/site and drop me a comment in this post.

Remember to include the anchor text and the link you want to exchange!

So do help me 'grow' my blogroll, thanks!

And as a gift to everyone out there, here's some interesting 'Blog Bumper Sticker' which you can put on your blog side bar.

StarCraft Lover?

Mac Lover?

Matrix Lover?

Blogging Fun?

Special Character?

28 Weeks Later?

Coffee Lover Like Me?

Happy New Year in Advance!


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