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Speeding Vista Boot Up

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When you initially purchase a new PC or Laptop, Windows Vista tends to boot up and shut down quite fast.

But as time goes by, it seems to take a longer time until a stage where you will be sitting in front of your PC or Laptop waiting for minutes for it to boot up or shut down.

Here’s some trick, which you can do to speed up your Windows Vista Booting Up.

Disable all unnecessary program that automatically loads up during start-up.

Why have programs starting up when you don’t really use them. Even for those you often use, you can always start them manually by clicking on them.

Here’s how you disable all unnecessary program that automatically loads up during start-up.

Click on Vista Start Icon on the bottom left of your screen and type ‘MSCONFIG’ in the search box.

Then double click on the program that appears in the result box.

A User Account Control Window will pop up prompting you if you wish to continue.
Click ‘Continue’ to move on to the next step.

Upon successfully launching of Microsoft’s System Configuration Utility, click on the ‘Startup’ tab.

You will then be presented with the list of programs that will automatically loads up when you starts Windows Vista.
Some startup programs are absolutely necessary, while other is simply a waste of RAM.
Simply disable those programs that you don’t wish it to load up during start up.

Please note, disable only those programs that you recognize and don't need to have running all the time. When in doubt, leave it on.

Here’s another trick, for people who have multiple Operating System installed to their PC or Laptop and often only uses one out of other Operating System.
(In case you don’t know, always installed Windows Vista first before installing older version of Windows, recommended by Microsoft)

For both Windows Vista and XP, they automatically set aside 30 second for Boot Menu.

Boot Menu is for machine that is installed with Multiple Operating System and user will be given a Timeout of 30 seconds to select the Operating System they want.
You can’t disable this Boot Menu as it’s automatically created by Windows when you install more than one Operating System.

To save the trouble and time of selecting, here are the steps to change this Timeout timing.

Simply follow the steps of the First Trick until you have opened the Microsoft’s System Configuration Utility.
But this time round, you will select the ‘Boot’ tab instead of the ‘Startup’.

Under ‘Timeout’ you will see that the default timing set is 30 seconds.

Set the timing to 3 seconds, click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’.
(3 seconds is recommended because it gives you enough time to select other Operating System when needed, to save the trouble of repeating the steps and rebooting)

Note: The down side of this trick is, if the system isn’t properly shut down. You will not be able to read the boot options when they appear before it times out and automatically selects the default option.

For both settings, simply restart your PC or Computer and you will notice increase of speed in booting up =)

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