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Speeding Vista/XP Shut Down

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By Default both Windows Vista and XP set aside 20 seconds for all running program to save/close and shutdown.

There are 2 ways in seeing this situation, or should I say 20 seconds.

1. When you’ve decided to shut down your PC or Laptop, you should’ve already save whatever you need to save. No one will shut down without saving.
So why must we still wait for these 20 seconds?

2. Why care so much about this 20 seconds when you can just simply walk away after clicking the ‘Shut Down’ button.
No one ask you to sit there and wait for it to completely shut down.

Depending on personal preference, but here’s a tweak for Windows Vista and XP to shorten this 20 seconds.
Use it or not, up to you =)

This tweak involves in editing of your Windows Registry, so before you start please remember to set a ‘System Restore Point’.
(Refer to past post for more information)

Here are the steps.

Simply press the Window Key on your Keyboard + ‘R’.
This will toggle the ‘Run Dialog’.

Enter ‘regedit’ and Click ‘Ok’.

For Windows Vista user, a User Account Control will pop-up, simply click 'Continue'.

The Registry Window will then pop out.
(It may seem complicated, but no worries. Simply follow the following steps closely and you will make no mistake.)

Browse or navigate to this folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control)

Under this ‘Control’ folder you will see some unknown files or so called Registry.
Look out for the one called ‘WaitToKillServiceTimeOut’.
It should have a value of ‘20000’ beside it.

Simply double click on this ‘WaitToKillServiceTimeOut’ and change the value to ‘5000
(5000 is the suggested value)

Note: All values are in Milliseconds.
Which means 20000/1000=20seconds.

After setting simply close Registry Window and it's complete.

About this value or seconds, a lot of people are saying different stories about it.
Some IT experts suggested setting it no lesser than 5 seconds but a lot of user finds it ok to set it less than 5seconds.

Set any timing at your own risk as different system might perform differently even for the same timing.

Some people reduced their shutting down time to 5seconds when they set ‘WaitToKillServiceTimeOut’ to 3 seconds while some unable to boot up their Laptop or PC when they set it the same way.

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