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Official Windows Vista Tips and Tricks

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So, it’s been awhile since Windows Vista has been released and been used by people around the world.

How’s Windows Vista Performance till date?
Has it made life easier for you or even simpler when Windows XP is around?

I’ve done a search around the Internet and I’m quite surprised that in fact there’s quite a large sum of people who’s still using Windows XP and prefer XP to Vista.

They might say it’s due to performance and usability between XP and Vista.

But think about it, you’re comparing Windows Vista to Windows XP that has been patched with all types of service pack.

There are still lots of space for growth in Windows Vista.

How many new features have you explored in Windows Vista?

I’ve posted quite a few great features regarding Vista in Computer TNT, and if you do a search in Google you could find tons of it.

Even Microsoft comes up with its very own Windows Vista Tips and Tricks.

Windows Vista Tips and Tricks, Click Here to download it in PDF.

This Windows Vista Top 10 Tips and Tricks are divided into 4 main sections ‘Security and Protection’, ‘Search and Organize’, ‘Mobility & Collaboration’ and ‘Other Windows Vista Tips’.

It might not be the most detailed Tips and Tricks.
But it’ll definitely provide you with information on functions needed to perform task on your Windows Vista.

Functions that don’t even exist in Windows XP.

If you’ve ever visit Microsoft Windows Vista site, you’ll noticed that Microsoft did tried to aid their user in this Microsoft XP to Vista transition.

They provide various Videos on new Windows Vista Features and showing you ways on how you can make the most of Windows Vista.

There’s even WebCast (Live and On-demand) available for all registered user.

For companies who are interested in moving from XP to Vista, there’s Training Tools available, which helps them to develop training plans or presentation for employees.

So why not drop by Microsoft Windows Vista site today and check out these useful resources?

You might just find the information that you’ve been looking for months =)

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