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Un-Freeze Vista Without Rebooting

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Has Windows Vista ever freeze on your when you're trying to open certain program or trying to use certain Windows Component such as the Search Files Function?

Normally, the system freeze-up will occurred when you’re working on several file or document at the same time.
Rebooting the system is not a good option to solve this problem because you will lose any unsaved data in any open programs or document.

Here's a simple trick to fix this problem without rebooting and losing your work:

1. When a Windows component freezes and becomes unresponsive, press Ctrl + Alt + Del.

2. Click the Start Task Manager button

3. Click the Processes tab.

4. In the Image Name column, find the explorer.exe process.

5. Right-click on explorer.exe and select End Process

6. A Task Manager warning pop-up is displayed, Click Yes to end the process
This step should make the desktop, and possibly open applications, temporarily disappear.

7. In Task Manager, click on the File menu, and select New Task (Run…)

8. Type explorer.exe on the New Task windows, and click OK.
The Windows Explorer Shell should restarts and applications you had open previously, reappear.

That’s it, now you can continue working without worrying to lose data :)

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iCalvyn said...
September 8, 2008 at 10:01 PM  

i use to use this method on win xp, and less on win vista... so far i did not feel vista are more freeze then win xp, but the respond are damm slow.

Innovative Minds at Work said...
September 14, 2008 at 7:58 PM  

Please please please tell me how do u add the Add to digg, technorati, reddit and other icons at the bottom of each post. pls tell me. i m using the same template as yours.

u can check out my page by clicking on my name ( u c, i dont wanna spam)

pls help me out

Anonymous said...
October 18, 2008 at 11:16 AM  

Well I always thought Freezing was Freezing. Meaning nothing will work at all. Your idea is a good one that i use many times, Cut when CTRL=ALT=Del won't bring up the task manager ( because it's frozen) then what ?. Hard booting, i am doing it all the time and it peeves me off.

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