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iMac Safe Mode

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There are cases that after we installed some Software or Program, our Computer is unable to Startup.

For us Windows User we can simply Boot Windows up into Safe Mode and remove the Program then restart Windows.

(To enter Safe Mode, tap 'F8' Key on your Keyboard before Windows start to load. You will be given an Option to Bootup in Safe Mode on the Startup Menu)

What about iMac User?

Actually iMac OS offers the same kind of Emergency Functions as Windows, although not alot of people knows about it.

Heres one short Tip for iMac User =)

Press and hold on to the 'Shift' Key on you Keyboard as your iMac is starting up. Until you see the words 'Safe Boot' in Red Lettering on the Login Screen.

And Vuala! Your iMac is now Bootup in Safe Mode!

Remove any recent installed Software or Program which might be the cause of your iMac unable to Bootup normally and restart your iMac.

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