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Windows Vista Cursors & Icons 2

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Thanks Anonymous for introducing 2 free Cursors and Icons Creator Software =)

All Software information I posted is from what i know as it's not possible that I know every existing Software on the Internet, if you all know any other better ones (Especially free one!) feel free to let me know and I'll post more information about it.

Its a free Icon Creator which supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista.
IcoFX allows you to create, retouch and edit Icons. It also supports Transparency and True Color for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and offers a variety of editing tools, including gradients, blurring, sharpening, darkening and more.

It also allows User to import image and extract Icons from .exe and .dat files.

Simple to use interface allows basic user to create and edit Icon easily.
Sophisticated functions provides advance user with lots of image editing tools similar to professional image editor.

There's also lots of other features like real-time preview and desktop capture and many more.

Surprisingly for the number of Functions it provides, the installation file is only 1288 kb, a small size for a great deal =)

RealWorld Cursors Editor
A free Cursors Editor for creating and editing static and animated Windows cursors.
It supports Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista.
RealWorld Cursors Editor includes all basic features of all Cursors Editor: drawing tools, image adjustments and effects

It allows you to draw lines, curves, use the pencil or the text tool, fill areas with color using the well-known bucket tool or add projected shadows to your images. You can even activate antialiasing to get rid of the jagged edges that may appear when drawing diagonal lines.

The Functions includes colorize, shift hue and transparency adjustment.
(User can even create a custom effects using a scripting language similar to C programming.)

RealWorld Cursors Editor can save standard Windows Cursor files and can export images as BMP, JPEG, PNG.

The down side is that the Help file covers only basic topics and it's not too well structured.

After all it's a Free Software so still worth using =)

Once again thanks Anonymous for introducing these 2 Software!

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