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Track Your Document

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Sometimes at work, you may have to send your Microsoft Word Document to other colleague or people for verification or checking of figures etc etc.

When the Document comes back to you, how would you know what changes have they made?

This problem also happens when you are doing a Group Report. Since everyone is adding and amending the same Report, how would we know what had been removed or changed? (Especially is it's a 50 page report.)

It's because not all people has the habit of adding remarks when they did a change, so it often causes confusions.

Microsoft Word allows you to Track any changes made and even protect your Document using Password!

You can easily Track your Document by enabling the option 'Protect Document'.

This way you can easily Track any changes that were made in your Document by any people or even unauthorized users.

The Microsoft Word show the text in red color if any one makes changes to it.

To use 'Protect Document' is simple:

For Microsoft Word Version Before 2007,

After you have opened the Word Document, Click on Tools on the Menu Bar.

Click on 'Protect Document...'

A Window will Pop up with 3 options to protect your Document.
- Tracked Changes
- Comments
- Forms

Select 'Track Changes' and Click 'OK'.

Comments options allow the user to put in comment for that document while Forms option allows the user to edit the forms in the document.

If you want to restrict people from editing the Document, Create a Password for it and give it to people you wants to give permission to Edit.
(Maximum Number of Character for the Password is 15)

For Microsoft Word 2007,

After you have opened the Word Document, Click on 'Review' on the Menu Bar.

Click on 'Track Changes' and the Document will Automatically be Track of any Changes made.

Click on 'Change Tracking Options', a Window will Pop out and you can change different Settings of the Track Changes. Example: Markup, Move, Highlight etc.

Microsoft Word 2007 also provides a Document Protect Service by using Windows Live ID through Microsoft Server.

But it's only a free trial and requires Internet Access to use this Feature.

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