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Accelerate Download Speed

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No matter how fast is your Internet Connection, sometimes it’s just not fast enough.

Especially when you are Downloading big size Files, the Downloading seems to be taking forever.

Why waste time waiting for the Download to finish? Accelerate it!

While may be no way to Accelerate it other than Physically change your Connection Speed, you can get the free Download Accelerator Program from the internet.

A Download Accelerator Program Accelerates your downloads in two ways:

1. When you start to download a File, the Download Accelerator Program does a mirror search of all the servers that carry the same file, identifies the fastest servers closest to you, and then starts Downloading from those servers instead of the one you originally chose.

2. The Download Accelerator Program also set up a multi-connection Download, Downloading portions of the File from multiple fast servers simultaneously and then reassembling the File when all the pieces are on your PC.
This makes the most efficient use of your available bandwidth, because normally there are pauses and hesitations when you download, and if you're Downloading with multiple connections there will be fewer of those pauses.

Another good thing about Download Accelerator Program is, it could resume broken Download; for some reason your Internet Connection is broken, it'll pick up where you left off when you reconnect to the Internet.

Two of the more commonly use Download Accelerator Programs are FlashGet and Download Accelerator Plus (DAP).

Personally I’m using FlashGet, as I find Download Accelerator Plus taking quite a bit of System Resources.

FlashGet can also call Anti-Virus automatically to clean viruses, spyware and adware after finishing Download. (Provided you have Anti-Virus Software installed on your Computer).

Download Accelerator Plus ZIP Preview feature that lets you preview the contents of ZIP-compressed files before you Download.

Both Software allows you to schedule your Downloads and preview the Files you going to Download

Most importantly, both FlashGet and Download Accelerator Plus is totally Free!

The down side of Download Accelerator Plus is the free version contains advertisement, although you can pay $19.95 for a version without the ads that also includes a few minor extras, such as the ability to extract individual files from within .zip archives, instead of extracting the whole archive.

So which Software should you use, is up to you to decide =)

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