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Transparent Window

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Have you ever try typing a Document that requires lots of references from different Websites or other Programs?

It’s so troublesome to keep changing (alt + tab) between Windows like Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader.

What if we are able to lay out all nicely on the Monitor Screen while we are typing the Document and are able to reference others with just a glance, how nice would it be?

Obviously our Monitor is too small to lay out all Windows, how about being able to see through Overlapping Windows?

Glass2k by Chime Software allows you to have this ‘Special Power’ of seeing through Window.

Although Chime Software Website is no longer in use and they no longer develop free applications, but all those previously developed are still available for download for free =)

Glass2k is a program that allows Windows users to make any Window Transparent.

The way it works is simple, just right-click on any Window to make any it Transparent by setting the Level of Transparency.

This way, you can easily type your Document and do reference by laying out your reference Website or Adobe Reader behind your Microsoft Word program and make your Microsoft Word Window Transparent.

Not only Transparent Window is useful, it also makes your Windows looks nicer in terms of Customisation =)

My 2 cents worth of important note:

Transparent Window may be useful and looks nice, but there's one main drawback to using Transparent Windows; it takes up processing power and RAM, so it may slow down your system.
The fewer Transparent Windows you create, the less processing and RAM is used, so handle Transparent Windows with care.

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