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Tuning NTFS System

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Whenever you view a Directory on an NTFS volume, the Filesystem Updates the date and time stamp to show the last time that the Directory has been accessed.

If you have a very large NTFS volume, this continual updating process can slow System Performance.

Here’s one Trick to solve this problem, you can use the Registry to disable automatic updating.

But before you do anything, remember to set a System Restore Point, as if anything goes wrong during process, you can safely restore to its previous state.
(Do check out on System Restore Point post for more Information on Creating and Restoring)

Go to Start > Run > and enter ‘Regedit’ and hit ‘OK’.
You will see the Registry Editor Pop Out, on the left side of the Window locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentContolSet\Control\Filesystem.

Look for NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate on the right side of the Window, if it’s not present, Right Click anywhere on the right side of the Window > New > DWORD Value and name it as NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate.
Right Click on it > Modify > and set ‘Value Data’ to 1.

My 2 cents worth:

Please be careful when you edit any of the Windows Registry. Do not make any changes to anything if you don’t know what it’s for as any mistake made could render your System Useless and Unrecoverable.

And please remember to Create System Restore Point before you try this Trick.
There’s also other backup method other than System Restore.
One way is to backup the Registry itself.

From the Registry Editor choose File > Export, choose a name and save it somewhere you can find in case of emergency you need to restore. (Advised to save it on another location other than in the Computer itself, example: CD-ROM, another Computer)

To restore Registry, just simply from Registry Editor choose File > Import and select the Backup Registry.

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